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The Life and Times of a Synesthete [NON-FICTION] A couple of days

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I should be asleep.

I love Natasha’s name. Natasha, Natasha, Natasha. N-A-T-A-S-H-A. It’s such a pretty name. Only, it looks funny when I write it so many times like that. But I digress.

A’s by themselves are bright crimson, hard, have a clay-like texture, and taste and smell metallic…but not in her name. Her name is full of blues and greens not mixing with each other, but swirling around like marble. It’s cold and smooth and shiny, with a slash of silver down the middle that flashes as the colors move. The surface of her name itself is flat, but the edges are sharp, irregular, and jagged. It fills my mouth with the refreshing cold, and it smells and tastes of the air by the sea. What a lovely name.

I switch back and forth from this Word document to Inkpop Character Chats frequently. There’s a girl online, username animealice1003, with whom I am currently chatting. The color of her text in the chat-box is a nice shade of purple that feels warm and tastes sweet. It’s not too sugary, though; it’s almost like a cupcake. Anyway, I don’t care for the constantly going to and fro just to look for her latest post, but, unfortunately, the chat-box doesn’t pop out. Bother.

There’s a nasty white noise coming from the bathroom. That darn toilet was never working properly… The noise is light gray, with a soft sort of texture. It’s actually pretty similar to the sounds, colors, and textures my air conditioner was making before I turned it off: darker gray, soft, and thick. They were like bulges of thick, gray fur, almost, and they tasted kind of earthy. Well, musty is more like it. The AC added a little bit of dullness to the room, but hey, I wasn’t dying of heat.

That last post of mine brought my post count up to 1666. The one is light teal, and the sixes are orange. The whole number itself is juicy and tastes sort of tangy.

What ungodly sounds are coming from outside my window?!

Sorry about that. They’re kinda weird sounds, though. They’re sharp, they strike in various sepia colors, and they taste bitter. Go away, stupid noises. You’re not welcome here. Something outside must be hitting against my AC, but I have no clue as to what it could be. I’ve never seen or tasted those sounds before, either.

My computer makes sandy clicking noises as it thinks. Oh, and animealice1003 is off for the night. I should really follow in her example, actually. Au revoir, fair reader, et à demain.

…Well, actually, I doubt it’ll be tomorrow for you by the time you read the next section, unless you happen to be reading this at midnight. And if you’re reading this at midnight and it’s a school night, you should get your arse to bed, too. No, I’m serious. Do it. However, if you’re either A: reading this at midnight before a day where you do not have school or work, or B: reading this at a reasonable hour, do carry on. (By the way, B is light blue, feels cool and sleek, and tastes…blue. I really can’t tell you what “blue” tastes like.) Just know that as you turn the page and time-skip to the fuuuuuuutre, I’m saving the document, climbing into bed, and trying to—


I apologize for that outburst. You know those ungodly sounds coming from outside my window? There was just a really big, really loud, massively-massive CRASHSHSH! sound. That did not taste good!

So where was I? Oh, yeah. I’m heading to bed now. It’s time to stare at the back of my eyelids for hours as I feel the night slowly creeping by, my insomnia preventing me from actually getting any sleep. Yay…?

Yeah, I’m an insomniac as well as a synesthete.

Damn you, Word. You don’t recognize “synesthete” as existing. You know what? You know what? Right click, and add to dictionary! There. Justice has happened.

Well, g’night, reader! See you on the next page!

Gotta get down!

I’m in school, which means I have to write this by hand. Arg.

It also means that

I have changed classes.

I won’t be able to write constantly. Double-arg.

“Double” is blue and tastes sort of bitter. “Arg” is burgundy, gold, and gray, and tastes metallic. Double is smooth and cool to the touch, while arg is rough and warm.

Anywhoodle (what? Yes), I’m in Chamber Singers right now, and the seniors

We just sang a lot.

We just sang more.

So yeah, the seniors are back to practice with us one last time before graduation, which is tomorrow. It’s so nice to have

Second class change

everyone back (smiley face). As much as I missed my friends, I also missed the colors and feelings that their voices brought. The room was so empty without them…not that the room wasn’t empty enough without their actual, physical presences sitting down in those plastic chairs. The word “plastic” is red, elastic, and, oddly enough, smells of latex—just so you know.

I’m kind of backed up right now, seeing as I’m currently in Chemistry. Ah, Chemistry. It’s an explosion of white and blue that cuts the air and smells of frost, sugar, and salt (a surprisingly refreshing combination). The word itself is lukewarm.

But God, I love being a synesthete the most when I’m in band and chorus, with chorus being my most favorite. I can’t always hear all the parts in the band, or hear the balance as it should be because of my position (and the fact that, you know, I’m playing a big ol’ French horn), but it’s a lot easier in chorus. I also prefer the softness and light of voices over the boldness and power of most instruments. My only regret is that I can’t really smell or taste the sounds in either class, because when I sing, my mouth is hanging open, and when I play, it’s pressed

Guess who got to miss C block?

against a piece of metal. As a side note, I’m in Math right now. It’s green, palpable (like Play-Dough), and very warm, but I can’t smell or taste it because some girl in the class just sprayed something or other…that’s causing me to cough. I’m allergic to a lot of scented stuff. Oh? No, she says that it’s hand sanitizer, so it’s not likely that she sprayed it or anything. Still, that stuff is really potent. It doesn’t smell like traditional hand sanitizer, either. The smell looks like orange flowers with flecks of gold on their petals, and has splashes of light—but not pastel—purple behind the flowers. It looks pretty, but it’s irritating my throat. It’s also apparently supposed to smell like watermelons, according to the girl.

So, that was an annoying distraction. Oh, it’s time to take a quiz. I’ll be back in a second. Well, a second for you, anyway.



Arg! Another thing I have to do!

Part of my life I’m not getting back…

That was an awards ceremony, where s00p3r sm4r7 students get recognized. I’m not one of them. Oh well. At least the school gave us ice cream afterwards.

And now school is over.

No more interruptions!

I’m at home now, so there shouldn’t be any more unpleasant breaks from here on out. Shouldn’t. I just got finished transferring everything from my notebook to the computer…but you can kinda see that. Now to briefly catch up on events of some significance!

So yeah, singing. I love when we practice—even when we warm up! The ribbons of color that twirl and fly through the air are just so lovely. Individual notes have different colors, textures, temperatures, smells, tastes, and personalities, and unlike letters or digits, each one is truly wonderful in its own way. Even better are chords, which often don’t have the same qualities as the single notes within them. Each key is also different. There are some keys that I prefer to others, however. All major keys, for instance, taste much better than minor keys. I was never too fond of minor keys, because they usually taste either bitter or sour. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes I like bitter or sour things…it’s just that these are bitter/sour in a bad way.

At any rate, there were two really pretty songs that we were doing today, that we’ve been working on for a while. One of them is called “Esto Les Digo,” and is based on a Bible text (“Where one or two are gathered in my name, there am I as well” or something to that effect). It has a melancholy sound to it, but in a beautiful way. It’s blue and different shades of gray, with shimmers of silver light. It feels soft, but…lacey, like a veil, and is temperate. The song is quiet most of the time, but there are parts where it gets louder and louder before reaching its peak volume, where it holds a chord before vanishing completely. I love those parts! The numerous ribbons of color, which move in a somewhat slow and relaxed manner for the quiet parts, pick up as the song gets louder, becoming more swift and active. They swirl and spin, rising and rising as the dynamic grows. At the climax, they shoot around each other in a myriad of sound; when the chorus cuts off and the echo resonates, the ribbons fall away from each other and begin to fade. They don’t have time to disappear all the way, though, and when the music resumes, they return to their previous activities.

The other song is called “And Wherever You Go: A Choral Blessing.” It’s one of those sappy goodbye songs, but the melody is still really nice. And hey, I can’t deny that the message isn’t pretty, either. The key is warm, gentle, and soft, and the colors are mainly pale blues, off-whites, light grays, with a few purples snuck in here and there, all streaked by gold in the higher parts. It begins in unison, where the ribbons are mainly blue. When the parts split and grow louder, the ribbons multiply and are filled with more of the colors I mentioned. When the phrases of the song reach their full momentum, the ribbons explode off of each other like sparkling fireworks. Even better than that? There’s a keychange (large grin). The colors shiver and shake, rising slowly during the transition before bursting out all around, changing color. This key is also warm, but it’s more regal and elegant than the first, with a bit more of a powerful personality. The colors are rich crimsons, brilliant golds, vibrant oranges, and shining silvers, and the song feels like I’m sticking my hand through mist. It’s such a gorgeous song to look at.

You can see why I love music class now, yes?

Anyway, after Chamber Singers got out, I headed to Chemistry. We had sort of a free block where we could do whatever, and the teacher put on the show Planet Earth. The chatter of the students filled the room with a low drone, mainly composed of dull colors and shades of gray. It felt like an overly-soft pillow and tasted rather bland. Occasionally, however, a loud voice would rise above the others for a few moments; a sharp, girl’s laugh would split the air with a flash of yellow; a guy’s blocky voice would fill my brain with a field of blue. The one sound I really tried to listen to, however, was the narrator’s voice on Planet Earth. I wish I knew who she was now. Her voice was silky and teal, but I couldn’t smell or taste it because of all the other stimuli in the room. Oh, I was right next to a fan, too, so I had the basic white noise thing going on: shades of gray, soft texture, thick feel, musty taste and smell.

After Chemistry, I got to miss my next class (English) to practice music and logistics in the Field House for graduation tomorrow. I’m not going to cover the details, because most of them were boring. There was some humor, though!

"Boys, you go around the front of the band after Chamber gets done performing. Girls, you go behind. …Ah, no, forget I said that. Boys, go behind the band instead. It’s more treacherous there, so it’ll be funnier if you fall."

"The entire point of having an extension chord is to actually plug it in."

The first one was spoken by the band director, and the other by the choral director. The band director’s voice is sepia-colored and has a rough texture to it, while the choral director’s voice is light, honey-colored, and smooth.

After that got done, I had lunch. Math class followed, and the rest of the day happened as I previously related to you. I got a ride home from a friend; another friend was in the car, and I asked him if he was interested in reading what I had so far. I told him to read passages that particularly caught his eye out loud and to explain why they were so interesting to him, because I’m a writer and I like to know stuff like that. He read aloud every part of the text that contained me describing my multiple reactions to individual stimuli.

Being very left-brained, he said, “I think I can kind of see the connection between red and plas—”

“But that’s just the thing!” I broke in. “There isn’t one. There’s no thought process, and there’s no logical connection. It’s not like I hear a sound that reminds me of an image which is then called up in my brain. When you hear a sound, you don’t have to deliberately think about bringing that sound from your ear to your brain—it just happens. Likewise, when I hear a sound, see a color, feel a surface, or what-have-you, I don’t think about carrying that information to all the parts of my brain that register senses.”

He had this look on his face that just screamed, “It doesn’t compute!”

I’m at home now, relaxing in a comfy chair in front of the computer. I got some posts in on Inkpop Character Chats, but I couldn’t do much because all of my friends logged off awfully early. I have virtually nothing to do at the moment, which bothers me.

Those ungodly noises from yesterday are still present in the room, which is another thing that bothers me. I confirmed that they were, in fact, caused by tree branches hitting against my AC. The nasty thing was that I had to listen to them all night, and they progressively got worse. I was actually legitimately worried that the tree would give way and fall on my house or something… Hey, you should’ve heard that wind! Slate blue streaks and a cold feel, with a smell and flavor that I couldn’t quite place. Those sensations, combined with the browns and the bitterness from the tree branch, were set to antagonize me for quite a while.

I’m still really bored. I think I’m going to watch an episode of the old Batman show on the DVR. Ooh, there’s a new Doctor Who tonight! It’s the continuation from the first part that they gave us two weeks ago, too. (The Doctor Who series is generally royal blue, navy, light gray, and dark purple. It feels slightly rough like a stone…or like a Weeping Angel…and is cool to the touch. Individual episodes vary slightly.) And how could I forget Young Justice? Cool, so I’ve got the rest of the evening planned out. If I’ve already watched Doctor Who by the time I come back here, expect me to be really freaked out. It’s highly likely.

I’ll be back in a few lines for you, and potentially a few hours for me. But you know the drill now, don’t you, reader? Just look at you, reading about my daily life in a few paragraphs! You get to skip over my tests and quizzes, you don’t have to do homework, and you pass right by boring lectures. …If only it were like that for me!

I’m going now. Later!

I don’t like odd numbers.

I don’t feel like writing anymore. No, seriously. I think I’m done for the night…and I’m dog-tired. I’ve got a graduation to sing/play at tomorrow, after all! Ugh, Pomp and Circumstance sucks. It smells kinda icky, too.

Also, odd numbers generally aren’t as nice as even numbers. The number nine is especially mean. It’s a dingy yellow, too. Bleh. I’m glad that seven eight it.

Faretheewell, and goodnight!

(It turned out later that I had been wrong about the new Doctor Who. For whatever reason, I had, at that moment, thought that it was Saturday. Also, the people who make Young Justice had to be jerks and not make the episode like they said that they would.)



I read this all last night and told myself to reply the next morning. So, yeah.
WD, I've never heard of that condition before but I truly can't say how jealous I am for that. Literally. I want to buy that. You make the most boring things sound so interesting and beautiful. You have a great voice in the journal and please keep me updated. I'd love to hear more about this.
Anyways. This was amazing. Keep writing! *thumbs up*




Thanks! And sure, I'll keep you updated Very Happy



Wow this was so interesting. As I read it I couldn't believe that someone can think these things and experience these senses through a word.
It's so cool to read about what different words are like, I really like how plastic is, because the way you describe it kinf of suits the word. Smile
On top of the interest I have in this topic, the way you write it out is so beautiful. It flows so nicely Smile

I must say, this is definitely the most interesting journal I've ever read Smile



Thank you! ^_^

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