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1Facade Empty Facade Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:18 pm



Two sided
Kristen Cawaski needs a science project to pass her failing class. She finds a recipe for a behavior potion. After accidentally adding the wrong ingredient to the potion and taking it, she acquired and abnormal personally. A duo personally, an alter ego. Needing a few moe trials, she tests it on a couple of her fellow classmates.

Character format
Given potion or not
If so:
Alter ego attitude

Name Kristen
Age 17
Gender female
Hair dark sandy blond hair with a slight wave. Falls perfectly down her back.
Eyes warm brown with hints of gold. Almond shaped. 
Body short and curvy. Usually hides in baggy jackets and cargo pants.
Skin healthy light tan
Other never wears makeup
Personality shy and laid back. Doesnt work hard to impress anyone.
Given potion or not well duh. She made it.
If so:
Alter ego attitude very outgoing and perky. Very show off-y. Doesn't mind showing off what she looks like. Very seductive.

Name Cole
Age 17
Gender male
Hair black unkept hair that falls into his eyes.
Eyes dark blue eyes. Seem to hold mysteries
Body triangle swimmer build. Defined muscles
Skin pale skin with a golden undertone.
Other wears leather jackets and ripped jeans.
Personality cold and closed off. Doesn't talk much to anyone unless he has to.
Given potion or not nope, not yet at least
If so:
Alter ego attitude

2Facade Empty Re: Facade Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:34 pm



Name: Sutton
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hair: Straight black hair to her lower back, straight bangs. Streaks of pink and purple throughout, always down.
Eyes: Wide, slightly almond shaped green eyes framed with thick, dark lashes.
Body: About 5'9", fairly thin but still curvy
Skin: Fair skinned, some freckles on her nose and cheeks.
Other: Wears horn-rimmed glasses that aren't actually for improving sight. Has her belly button pierced. Normally wears some sort of bow or hair clip in her hair.
Personality: Quiet and relatively sane, she's observant and not afraid of a challenge. She can be slightly intimidating, but she doesn't try to. Is actually very compassionate.
Given potion or not: No, not yet
If so:
Alter ego attitude: n/a

Name: Foster
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark brown hair, slightly disheveled, falls a little past his ears and into his eyes.
Eyes: Light, icy blue eyes that always look very serious
Body: Tall and lean with little definition.
Skin: Very light tan
Other: n/a
Personality: Quiet and driven, very determined, punctual. He doesn't mind telling the cold hard truth or hurting peoples feelings, though he never gets to know anyone long enough to care
Given potion or not: Yes
If so:
Alter ego attitude: Flirtatious and cocky, carefree, opinionated.


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