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Quotes of life

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1Quotes of life Empty Quotes of life Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:26 pm



I didnt feel like this fit on the wall of quotes...but quotes that you hear in life that you love.

(time/when you heard it):Coming home from Transformers movie.
Ange (my sis): So dan, what do you think of Megan Fox?
Dan (is my gay best friend): I like her face.
Ty (my sis's boy friend):Wait... Megan Fox has a face? What?
Me: *laughing in the background.*

break in gym class:
Matt (random class clown): Why do you write?
Me: *thinking* >This is a real question? What? it feels like a 'Megan fox has a face?' question...how do I answer this?< *answers* Um...Because i can?

2Quotes of life Empty Re: Quotes of life Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:32 pm



So, this is super long, but I just typed up bits of conversations during a whole journalism class and this is what I got.

F%$# a duck. Listen, I don't want to deal with any dead bodies today. Oh my god, how am i going to find enough space for all of my pictures? I don't like his background. You guys, you wanna know what would be so funny? If I had all my pictures in list form. Shut up. *growls* Radish soup. I made some radish soup. Hobo. I'm a hobo? That's fine. Gum cake for Dari. You've been living in the gym for the past 20 years. Fudge meat. Meat fudge. My mouth is, like, hanging open. What are you doing? Yep, yep, yep, yep. No wait! I like this photo better. Okay, look at your face, no one looks happy. I'm cropping, I'm cropping! This is what my name's going to look like. I'm a ninja, I'm a ninja. Fudge steak. She has lockjaw. How are all these f%$#ing pictures going to fit? I'm a skeleton. Before we leave, we burn it all down. We can sit down and eat for a minute. Just trying to be nice. Come here, come here. It's a secret, they can't know. Are you scared that you just went along with that? Yep. *smacks butt* Why? Am I going to get filled in on this? Noooo, dive in front of it with your own butt. Um... Horse just died. We should be the first ones to arrive. Bastian. 2000. 2008. Nooo. Yes. Nooo. Yes. *laughing* Jenna's always early. I can arrive first if you want to. No, we don't want you to. You can enter the building, expecting a grand entrance, wrote a book called something or other. Do you like it or not? I feel like I'm talking to myself. I really don't, because I am a hermit. Mrs. thruber, are you scanning?I just put you down, you idiot. Don't write that down. Oopsie daisy. Don't speak about it. I don't really talk to people because i'm boring. Knows what because I became a blah blah blah. LNA this year. No one cares. Almost had it. I nurse baby raccoons back to health. I just might get, I just might get... Oh my god, this is making me sick. I dunno if we're going to have time to do this. *Dancing and girly giggling after music plays* Unless you want Jack in there. tick Jack in there. You like that? Stop, you're such a biscut eating bull dog. Yes, yes I am. Look at this fat dude. Look! he's like 8000 pounds. Wait, what? *more laughing.* He won't notice, and if he does, he'll slaughter me. Did you get that done? I felt like i was about to punch somebody after the world symphony. We're stuck with a couple of people.


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